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Outclass the Competition - Dining Skills for Savvy Professionals

Relationship building happens everyday in diners, five-star restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. And unfortunately, every business meal is rife with the potential for disaster. People judge us by which fork we use, whether or not we put our napkin on our lap and how we cut our meat. A lack of polish at the table equates to a lack of professionalism and can cost you and your company business. The Etiquette School of Maryland's Outclass the Competition - Dining Skills for Savvy Professionals provides leadership skills participants can implement immediately to project confidence and authority. You will learn:

  • How to navigate the place setting
  • Placement of napkins, utensils, plates
  • Mechanics of eating and drinking
  • Continental and American dining
  • The #1 rule for business dining
  • How to handle difficult topics
  • Extending the invitation
  • Doing business at the meal
  • Paying the bill & Tipping
  • Seating Plans
  • Choosing venues and menus
  • Managing the unexpected
  • The importance of RSVP
  • Host/Hostess gifts
  • Thank-you Notes:  written or email?
  • ......... And much more!

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